Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Would You Rather

Lesson of the Day: "Would You Rather" game, 'l' and 'r' pronunciation mini-lesson
Idiom(s) of the day: "too little, too late" and "thrill of the chase"
Video of the day: JoJo "Too Little Too Late"
Lunch: orange juice box, fish paste soup, rice, shrimpburger (fried shrimp patty, lettuce, tomato, and sauce on a bun), radish kimchi

I feel so pleasantly teacher-y when I can make a smooth transition from the idiom of the day into the lesson. Today we went from explaining "too little too late" and "thrill of the chase" to practicing pronouncing them, to watching the music video and filling in missing lyrics, right into playing "would you rather," a game that demands the students practice "w" and "r" pronunciation. Nice.

After the lesson, I had 4 minutes left over (pretty much the most awkward possible amount of time), so I asked the kids to use it to think of and write down one last "would you rather," to be turned in to me, as sort of a comprehension check.

A few of the more arresting submissions include:

-You're now at the Germany in the second world war. Would you rather choose to be a Nazi or a Jewish?

-Would you rather more higher or more beautiful?

-Would you rather like your husband/wife or daughter/son? (*editor's note - I choose to read this as a choice between affection for your spouse vs. affection for your genderqueer offspring. Thanks, Smith College)

-If you can make only one a person from human to mouse, would you rather make mouse Han-gi or Woo-yoerl?

And my personal favorite -

-Would you rather go Paris or Chekov with you girlfriend/boyfiend?

I mean, really, there are so many fabulous things about that sentence. I don't even know where to begin, except to make sure everyone's clear that "boyfiend" is not a typo.


Mr. Kim (USA) said...

I read this one right after shaving this morning, answering the question "Would you lather?" Paris vs Chekhov, eh? Hmmmm. . .

Julia said...

#1 I am so happy to have a post from you!
#2 Amazing things were said/written in your classes today. I am SO jealous.