Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't Even Shout, Can't Even Cry...

Today is my last class with the 2nd graders before Halloween. So -

Halloween Lesson: BtVS 4x10 "Hush" (wikipedia summary here).

I made a character guide sheet, which also had some info on the show ("In Buffy, vampires, werewolves, and demons are real. Two main groups fight them - Buffy and her friends, and a secret government group called the Initiative") and on the individual episode ("In this episode, demons called "the Gentlemen" are killing people to steal their hearts. The Gentlemen can only be killed by the sound of a human scream. To protect themselves, they use magic to steal everyone's voices.")

I stopped the video after the dream sequence to make sure everyone knew it was a dream (and to make it look like I was totally confident that it was OK to play a show with multiple hot makeout seshes in a high school classroom) and to match the character names/descriptions from the handout to the people in the show.

In my first class of the day, I had to vamp a little bit (heh heh) because I had some technical difficulties. So I had VLC downloading and setting up as I asked the kids to say words they associated with American Halloween (ghost, pumpkin, witches, candy, etc) and explain their role in Halloween. We got started kind of late, so we only got through half the episode. IMHO, that's better than almost finishing it - this way we can watch the second half next Monday. My plan for that is to watch the rest of the video and then play charades, since they do a bunch of that in the episode.

I like multi-lesson arcs that have some sort of direction, especially when they just fall into my lap like that. I think this'll be fun :)

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