Thursday, October 29, 2009

Air Show

Today's Lesson: canceled
Today's Swine Flu Count: 20
Today's Lunch:

HSF just came over to my desk with a flash drive full of photos from our family trip to the Seoul International Air Space air show last Saturday.

Walking around the show:

Me and my HS bro

I call my homestay sibs by their English names, which is how they introduced themselves to me originally. Sometimes I call them "little brother" or "little sister." But weirdly enough, my entire host family still calls me "teacher," so I'm gonna try to bust out the Korean word for "younger sibling" [동생] and see where that takes us. I think I'm stickin' with Mr. and Mrs. Kim for the host parents, though. Still, the whole "(*knock knock*) teechar! Have a dinner!" thing is a little weird. Or "teechar, I have a your dry clean." Super weird - not only to have someone running my errands (I asked her where I should take my dry cleaning and she said she would show me later. The next day it turns out she'd taken it herself, and that's how it's worked ever since), but also to have someone doing things so intimate as preparing my food each day, handling my clothes, and cleaning my room (seriously) address me as "teacher." Anyhoo.

Homestay brother, aka my favorite person in the world:

He's totally obsessed with the air force, in that way that little kids get (dinosaurs, horses, planes, whatever). His favorite toys are all model planes, he has a ton of books on the subject, and he could identify every plane and helicopter in the air show. Here he is posing with some missiles.

OK, I'll probably write more later, but it's time for lunch, that special time of day where I sit next to the principal and spend an awkward silent hour with everyone staring and marveling over what I choose to eat, since my vegetarianism is still something of a novelty and I'm an American who actually likes kimchi ("no too spicy-uh? wha!"). I'm leaving early today, because both my teacher class and staff class were canceled again. So I taught nothing and did nothing. Not wanting to seem like I was skipping out, I asked if there was anything I could do to help prepare for tomorrow, when the provincial board of ed is coming to hear about some kind of curriculum research and presentation done at my school (nope, there wasn't). For the third Thursday since I got here, I'm here purely for decoration. So I'm going to head out after lunch and go to E-Mart to get popcorn for my kids, since tomorrow is my 2-hour classes and we're watching "Hush" (and scary Halloweeny Buffystravaganzas require popcorn!) and to see if there's anything I can make a costume out of. Something warm, un-cumbersome, and hits somewhere between sexy nurse and the Thing from the fantastic 4. It'd be nice to wear something school-appropriate. The only things I could come up with from my closet last night were a vampire (thanks, mom), which I think would just require black clothes, oodles of eyeliner, light colored foundation, and red lipstick (the only thing I'm missing is the lipstick), or Wednesday Addams (other kids constantly told me I looked like her in elementary school), which I would just need to buy some mary janes for.
Yeah, I suck at thinking of Halloween costumes...

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

costume: Sara Palin

MaybeUrMom said...

for a costume you could be a black cat
add a tail to a black outfit., tape or draw some whiskers on..

fairy/princess: bend wire hangers to make wings by adding pantyhose and glitter on the hangers, or use a hanger to make a crown ( I know you know how..)

wear your 'rocking' cowboy boots blue jeans and a cardboard star pinned to your shirt to make a cowgirl outfit

dress like a tourist

sheets and a headband, some ivy make you a greek goddess

cousin it - comb your hair in front and wear sunglasses over your hair

does host brother have any rubber snakes? braid your hair with snakes intertwining, wear sheet over sweats, and be Medusa..

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