Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Video on punctuation

I'd like to start doing dictation with my kids, but before I can, I know I definitely need to go over basic punctuation with them. Since that's probably one of the driest subjects on earth, I started trawling around the internet for anything that could help liven it up.

I found this.

Now, god knows you it's tough to go wrong with Victor Borge and Dean Martin, but something about the old school video quality and squeaky cleanness of it made me think it probably wouldn't appeal to my kids. Well, maybe it won't, but I'm going to try it anyway, because this is HILARIOUS. Seriously, alone in my room, I laughed out loud like 5 times. I have no idea why it cracked me up as much as it did, but I'm definitely doing to include this in a lesson, and soon!

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somatic movement said...

Well, all I can say is ". ; -- ? !"
Oh, yes, and one other thing: ":D"