Friday, September 25, 2009

A Sample of Some Super-Excellent Things Students Said Today

We just finished a 3-day project on commercials in my first grade classes. I asked them for feedback. As always, their writing varies greatly in terms of skill level, but includes some incredible gems. I love my kids.

A sample:

Regarding the commercial project:

1. "It's fun, but there is not enough tool. So It was difficult."

Sounding it Out:

1. "I'm sorry to ended up this project this way. It's too crumsy."

Inadvertent Deep Wisdom:

1. I want to be happy. I'm very nervous because the exam is coming so fast. I have so many dreams, so I'm complicated to decide my future.


not a J. said...

I am complicated to decide my future too. Not too mention that the economy is crumsy.

Julia said...

and sometimes the comments are even more amusing than the post!

Zia Lucia said...

Guess old-timer Art Linkletter was right -- "Kids say the darndest things!"

Finally got with it enough to leave a comment! and ask 1)how is your knee feeling & what treatment did you received; 2)did you cut your hair or is it an illusion?