Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember in my last post how I was sort of whining that I only had one class today, and I still had to show up?

That class got canceled.

oh, and they knew that it would be canceled as of yesterday, they just waited until today to tell me.

The weird thing is, even if I'd known? Pretty sure I'd have had to show up anyway.

I mean, okay, it's not like I had other pressing commitments. Maybe I would have even used my time similarly, plopping down at Starbucks, lesson planning, and noodling around online for a few hours. More likely I would have done some daytime exploration of Daejeon, which is something I haven't gotten to do a whole lot of. Either way, I've gotta figure out a game plan for how to channel this into productive time. Like studying my Korean, or working on the musical (although that's tough to do without being able to say / sing anything out loud) or lesson planning for the next 50 years.

Harrumph. I'm grouchy.


not a J. said...

just keep saying to yourself, I am getting paid to do this, whether I am sitting down noodling around, or teaching future Korean leaders..

Josh Lo said...

yeah, i feel you on that one. i am currently in the midst of a fight to get fridays off. and i will win.
our contracts say that we should be allowed to leave once our classes are finished. maybe it's time for you to start fighting as well