Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today's lesson: American dating culture, Speed dating for interview preparation
Idiom of the day: several, all from the video of the day
Video of the day: Speed dating. Link to video 1, Link to video 2.
Today's Lunch: tofu miso soup and make your own kimbap, with rice, sheets of nori, pickled radish, crab sticks, and (uber-mayo-y) tuna salad. Not bad, actually. Oh, plus kimchi (the kind with the greens that I don't like). And a bottle of this sweet rice drink thing (not the canned yellow thing, something I haven't seen before).

Today's news:
Story #1: The unofficial school photographer sent me the pictures he took the first day:

Me and the principal

See? Cultural exchange is always good for a laugh.

This is about half of my kids, but it's what I saw on my first day here because the whole first grade was on a field trip.

Story #2: Going to the gym today. About time - with my "I'll try anything once (and twice if it's dessert-y)" Korean food policy, I've definitely been racking up the poundage. The last thing I want to do is try to shop in Korea! Plus, I spend WAY more time here just sitting around. I think I get why Koreans wanna go climb mountains-- in the city or at school, I spend at the barest minimum 45 minutes a day walking around. Here, I walk for 10 minutes from the subway to my apartment, and that's pretty much it. So...yay for not just sitting at a desk all day.

Story #3: Our school was getting 'evaluated' today. So there were men in suits with stern impressions walking around all day. But due to Korean cultural mores, it was perfectly acceptable for them to sit down at lunch with the principal and form a more perfect union of formidable 50+-year-old man slurping - and I mean SLURPING- their cabbage miso soup with the most incredible matching looks of absolute seriousness. It was pretty great.


MaybeUrMom said...

you look great, and your students look attentive - more photos please!

J. said...

how did you keep a straight face among the serious suit wearing slurpers?