Monday, September 21, 2009

*Gasp* There's a Boy in that Kitchen!

Ways to impress your host mom:

1) Spend a weekend at "Jewish church" in Seoul
2) Bring back fresh whole wheat "health bread" from a bakery in Itaewon
3) See that she's feeling under the weather and offer to make dinner tomorrow night
4) Announce that you'll be making pizza. Realize that pizza is not something people make in Korea - it's a food that magically appears independently of human effort. Tell her that you'll start preparing tonight, because it's easier to just let the dough rise overnight than stress about it tomorrow
5) Get your 10-year-old host brother interested in what you're doing
6) Get your 10-year-old host brother to offer to help with what you're doing
7) Get your 10-year-old host brother so invested in the project that he declares, while kneading pizza dough, that "this is best ever toy!"

As surprised as my host mom was to see her daughter in the kitchen, it was nothing compared to the look on her face when she saw my host brother happily jamming his little plastic gloved- hands into a giant bowl of pizza dough and squeezing the stuff like his life depended on it.

It feels good to make some kind of tangible contribution to this household. I'm sure the last thing you wanna do when you're feeling crappy is be responsible for feeding a family of 5 (and, uh, I feel a whole lot better about eating food that I, rather than someone with an aggressive cold, have prepared). It definitely feels good to have some input on the menu - and ya know what? I like to bake. Seeing little bro having a great time with it was just extra cheese on tomorrow's pizza! :)


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! this is funny!

Mr. Kim (USA) said...

Big grin. Can't help it. Also -- now want some pizza!