Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dirty Pop

Because my school has requested I spend some class time preparing students for the TEPS tests (English language test focused on reading and listening comprehension that's required by many, if not most, Korean universities), I've decided to have an "idiom of the day." In order to make that less stiflingly lame, I've been playing music videos that prominently feature the idiom.

So far, I've shown my first graders the video for Jordin Sparks' "One Step at a Time," and my second graders that plus Abba's (the video is a clip from "Mama Mia) "Does Your Mother Know" to demonstrate the idioms "take it easy" and "cool it/cool down." Tomorrow I plan to talk a little bit about labor day, so the idiom will be "seize the day" -- obviously Newsies was the way to go there (then again, when is it not?). So far, it's been a pretty resounding success. The kids are exhausted because they sleep an average of 5 hours/night, but everyone is up and alert for the videos.

Some other songs I've thought about are "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth" (Meatloaf), and "If I Had a Million Dollars" (Barenaked Ladies) for conditional clauses. There's plenty of Great American Songbook-y stuff ("If I were a Bell" / "If I were a rich man" for subjunctive, "let's call the whole thing off" for idiom and regional pronunciation, and loads more), but music from that era doesn't really come with a sweet music video - these kids are definitely multi-media mass consumers.

Anyone have any suggestions? Anything that comes with a video 16-year-olds might want to watch (ie, MTV and post-MTV era) is fair game!


not a J. said...

no video but, take another piece of my heart by Janis Joplin

Anonymous said...

Am i blue - Leeann Rimes

MaybeUrMom said...

she blinded me with science

i guess 'like a virgin' would be out..

what goes around comes around-justin timberlake

hit me baby one more time- (give me a sign, let you go)

Anonymous said...

Katie Perry in Waking Up in Vegas
"put your money where your mouth is"
"send out an SOS"
"tear up the town"

Boys Like Girls
"the day we met was like a hit and run"
"I used to be love drunk, but now I am hungover"

commercial for Kia Motors:
"New way to roll"

50Cents in Get Rich or Die Trying
"window shopper"

Julia said...

hit me with your best shot
pat benatar

You're Tearing Up My Heart
N'Sync (Backstreet Boys?? who can remember)

ABC (as in, it's easy as 1,2, 3)
Jackson Five

You Light Up My Life
Debbie Boone (?)

Unchained Melody (I hunger for your love...actually, explaining hungering for anything other than food might be tough...)
Isley Brothers