Friday, August 21, 2009

Schedule for Tomorrow - First Saturday with the Host Fam

Here is a tentative plan for tomorrow. First impressions are everything, so they say - and I hear this is even more true in Korea. This is the first weekend that I will be an active (and boy, do I mean "active"!) member of the family, so I'm committed to matching their enthusiasm and having the kind of uber-nunchi radar that will warm the tiny adorable Korean hearts of the fellowship office in Seoul. Here's the game plan:

9am - Wake up, showerheyo, get dressed. Have breakfast. Retain enthusiasm over peanut butter rather than kimchi.
9:45 - fruitlessly attempt to convince host father that my Mephistos are practically made for hiking, and I'll be fine, thanks.
10am - leave to go hiking with my host family
10:01 - regret leaving to go hiking with host family
10:30 - arrive at the place where I'll be...hiking, with my host family
11am - start thinking, "oh god, why am I hiking with my host family"
11:30 - while hopelessly trailing a half mile behind my spry 11-year-old sister, desperately wonder, "sweet jesus, when can I stop hiking with my host family?"
12p - wish that I had stayed behind and found a Starbucks, cultural exchange be damned, so I could avoid hiking. With my host family.
1pm - Complete mountain descent, return home. Feel victorious, say out loud "I should really do this more often!" and, in that moment, mean it.
1:15p - Sleep in car
2p - Sleep in apartment

Saturday Part II:
2:45 Walk with host sibs to movie theater
2:50 Realize I have no idea where I'm going and have placed my life in the hands of mischevious elementary school students
3p - Arrive safely at the 국장 (movie theater), meet fellow Fellow and Daejeonite Sarah S! Introduce self and sibs to kids
3:45 - Buy giant tub of caramel popcorn, secure in the illusion that I have pre-emptively burned it off with above mountain-scaling
4p - Sit down for a subtitled version of Ice Age III
6p - Return home victorious, feeling that I have spent quality time with my family, encouraged English language learning and cross-cultural exchange, and STILL managed to squeeze in some ETA time!

Phew. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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