Friday, August 21, 2009

Open Letter to Fun-Sized Twix bars

Dear Twix,
I never buy you. On the rare occasion that I purchase a candy bar, it's either dark chocolate or something with almonds in it. But you - you're the best candy bar I never liked. But now, with a bag of Costco proportions filled with "fun sized" little guys ("for my students!" I half-heartedly tell my host mom, who is on a "diet" that involves eating half of lunch and skipping dinner), I've discovered your secret: slathered in chunky peanut butter, you are an ideal chocolate experience. United with Skippy, you shine like a beacon in the darkness. I name you - Twixkippy. And, dear friend, now that I fully appreciate your potential, I apologize for withholding from you the respect you deserve. Here's to you, Twixkippy. May you be this delicious forever more, and may I not regret inhaling you next time I have to put on shorts.
your new chingu

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