Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Kardashians Set Yet Another Crappy Example

People Magazine reports.
After issuing the obligatory statement of self-possessed decision making, this dribbles out:

"I think if I had said I'm not going to keep it, I really think [my boyfriend] would have pushed me into keeping it."

"My doctor told me there is nothing you will ever regret about having the baby, but he was like, 'You may regret not having the baby.' And I was like: That is so true."
WTF kind of doctor did she go to? Of COURSE there are women who made a mistake in choosing to carry a child to term. Of COURSE there are women who regret it. But while it's acceptable to admit regret over an abortion, it isn't acceptable to admit that you regret having children.

Ugh. Kardashian, get a grip and grow up.

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