Friday, August 21, 2009

Inordinately excited about this, having spent a great many hours of my early years sitting around in my room braiding my hair (hey, I was an only child, and Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet, and JK Rowling was still shopping Harry Potter.

Weird cultural thing just happened as I sat here writing this entry in my host family's living room - I sneezed, said "excuse me," and paused expectantly. But in Korea, no one says "bless you" -- which explains the blank look I got when my host brother sneezed the other day and I, of course, good American that I am, blessed him. So...note to self - stp one in de-awkwarding might be to stop going around blessing people when they don't expect it!

PS: Movie we are watching right now - Ben Affleck and Aaron Eckhart in this. With such an all-star cast, you'd think it would be great - but I only vaguely remember it, and it was only OK. Or else maybe they've edited it funny for Korean TV and the volume is low, since no one else is actually listening to the dialogue.

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MovieGirl said...

Love that movie (Paycheck)- at least the movie in my head that that movie inspired..
It is from a short story with the same author as Minority Report and has a cool plot, though poor Uma has zero chemistry with Affleck...