Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I found out today that tomorrow morning, I will be going to school. We leave at 7:45. I'm not going to teach, and I'm not going to observe - I'm going because at 2pm, all the teachers are going to Seoul to go see a musical. What musical? I have no idea. Presumably it will be Korean, although I'm harboring a secret hope that it'll be a Korean version of "42nd Street," since I saw posters for that all over town. Oh please oh please - it would be so nice to be able to follow the plot! And I'd pay a whole bunch to hear a Korean New York accent power through "Lullaby of Broadway."
Anyway, I'll have a ton of time to kill between getting to school at 8:30 and leaving for Seoul at 2, so I'll just try to dress up a little bit, shake some hands, and skulk onto a computer in the teacher's lounge.

Tonight I'll wrap up the presents (a polo shirt for the vice principal, a polo shirt and a bottle of wine for the principal) so I can bring them tomorrow. I really wish I'd had a chance to get that coffee gift set for my coteacher - but I didn't do it in Seoul when I had a chance because I couldn't figure out how to transport all my junk. Maybe there will be one where my family is going tonight, to a store to get one of the fans fixed. Because there's a great breeze here on the first floor of the apt building with the fans going and the windows open - but I've DEFINITELY been spoiled by central air & heat at home.

In other news - my host mom is a really good cook. And just in case there's an odd day where she's making something delicious but beef- or pork-based, I just bought a $15 jar of peanut butter from Costco the size of my face. It's awesome. Bread and peanut butter for breakfast is heaven after 6 weeks of kimchi and pickled fish! I looked for protein bars but didn't find any (oh, Luna bars - I pine for you!), so I bought some Nature Valley fruit & nut granola bar things, which I hope don't suck too much.

Still don't have a cell phone - I went with my host family but they didn't have any info on how it was supposed to get setup and neither did I, so I think I'll wait and go with my coteacher. I'm a little nervous about not having a cell in Seoul tomorrow, but I'll just try to stick close by.

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