Friday, August 21, 2009

Handa Pone!

Just got back from buying a "handa pone" (read - "hand phone," or ...yeah, it's a cell phone). I picked the one free one that my host dad liked, and my host sibs tell me it is a cool handa pone, so I guess that's nice. It looks kind of like the old pink Razr phones. Sidenote: if you're a chick, it is mighty difficult to get a cell phone in Korea that isn't pink. I originally picked out a slidey phone with blue keys, until my host dad saw the one I ultimately got, pointed at it, and said "I think this is bettah fo' wooman pone." Not wanting to make any cultural missteps, I went for the pink "XSlim" model. Apparently (and inexplicably) I can watch TV on this thing - I just have no idea how. I had the guy at the cell phone place (Home Plus for the win!) switch the language to English, but about 1/3 of the menus are still in Korean. So there's that.
Anyway, I won't post my number online, 'cause that's just asking for trouble (facebook friends, it's listed as my number there) but let me just say that the last 4 digits spell my name. I kid you not. OK, on the paper it says the numbers, but honestly? I think it's pretty freakin' sweet to tell people that its number number number my name. Right? Makes me feel like Moviefone.
OK, time to go awkwardly spend awkward time trying to de-awkward with my host family.


Anonymous said...

for de-awkwardifying, try talking about American movie stars...

dara said...

definitely a good idea - my host father's niece and I bonded hardcore over Johnny Depp. I'm absolutely convinced that this is what the fellowship office meant by the beauty of "cross-cultural exchange"!