Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Man, Do I Miss Latin

So I've discovered something vital. Like, super-duper important.

Korean is freakin' hard.

We got our first quizzes back today, the ones we took on Monday. I wasn't having the greatest day, but I generally felt OK about how the quiz went. I'm usually pretty good at listening and comprehension. It's like the long-lost cousin of ear training for music, which I've always felt fine with. So I walked out of there feeling like even though I hadn't aced it, I'd probably done fine.

Long story short, not only did I fail, I failed spectacularly.

I will be fairly moving into the sansengnims' office every night for the next week - those of us (and, thankfully, there are others) who failed in such an epic manner have been made aware of mandatory office hours. I have to go check in with one of the teachers three nights a week, which is actually fine. I have to study anyway, I might as well study with help.

I'm skipping out on tae kwan do today, for 3 reasons: 1. I'm still sore from yesterday 2. I'm exhausted and have things back-to-back before and after TKD 3. I, uh, fell down the stairs. Yeah. It was wet and slippery, and I was wearing worn-out flip flops with no traction. I'm fine (thanks for asking, theoretical audience), but I did sort of wack out my elbow because I fell directly on it. So. I think that's a decent excuse.

I'm going to go to KEY club tonight, which is an English language speaking club here at KNU. The students speak great English, and they are really nice about helping us with Korean. It's a pretty good system, really.

OK. 20 minute power nap before dinner (since lunch was tasty yogurt and bibimbap with egg, I'm building up hopes for dinner - hopes that will, no doubt, be mercilessly crushed at 6pm) followed by KEY club, followed by office hours, followed by givin' the OCs my CAC (yeah, you heard me), followed by studying for tomorrow's quiz.

Most days aren't like that, and I usually have time to go out and see people, but this week I am DEFINITELY workin' for the weekend. Songnisan, here we come....

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Lmccarth said...

Those stairs are deadly and have haunted fulbrighters for years. You are not alone.