Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jewsy Jews, 50% Jews

I was just looking for videos about Hanukkah for a lesson I'm teaching tomorrow for my last class and i found THIS.

Shalom Sesame! I remember the vhs tape of the chanukkah episode very well - i must have watched it all the time. I wanted to get in on that sufganyot montage more than anything.
I wish the definition of the version online was decent (I think it'll distract the kids more than teach them) but I am thinking about buying it for my kids when I actually teach this in December.

Did anyone else watch this as a kid?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carry On

Jam sesh today in the dorms. Singalongs always me feel warm and fuzzy all over :)

Of course the CSN that went down made me really, really miss this. So much love!

Weekly Quiz III

Weekly Quiz III - I rockz it.

Counter intuitively enough, due to averaging all our scores together -- 3 nights of detention this week. Ugh.

It's hard out here for a pimp.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly Quiz II

I passed! Yay! Only one hour of detention this week...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Quiz

The thing about Korean pronunciation is that it's unnervingly easy to walk into a store trying to buy bread and end up investing in real estate.

1. 방 (room)
2. 빵 (bread)

Honestly - YOU try hearing the frackin' difference.

PS: Every time we do a listening lesson, I feel like I'm getting rickrolled. The opening chords introducing the beginning of a lesson and the first 2 measures of "Never Gonna Give You Up" are IDENTICAL.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time Zone Calculator

Time Zone Calculator

SUPER useful for skype dates! 'Specially when brain haz friedz from 2 much Koreanz

Big in Korea

Another post on incredible Korean products, a la Crunky Nude Ball:

Mr. Big chocolate bar, a product of the good people at Neilson:

Please note the slogan under the logo -- "When you're this big, they call you Mister."

I love this country!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Man, Do I Miss Latin

So I've discovered something vital. Like, super-duper important.

Korean is freakin' hard.

We got our first quizzes back today, the ones we took on Monday. I wasn't having the greatest day, but I generally felt OK about how the quiz went. I'm usually pretty good at listening and comprehension. It's like the long-lost cousin of ear training for music, which I've always felt fine with. So I walked out of there feeling like even though I hadn't aced it, I'd probably done fine.

Long story short, not only did I fail, I failed spectacularly.

I will be fairly moving into the sansengnims' office every night for the next week - those of us (and, thankfully, there are others) who failed in such an epic manner have been made aware of mandatory office hours. I have to go check in with one of the teachers three nights a week, which is actually fine. I have to study anyway, I might as well study with help.

I'm skipping out on tae kwan do today, for 3 reasons: 1. I'm still sore from yesterday 2. I'm exhausted and have things back-to-back before and after TKD 3. I, uh, fell down the stairs. Yeah. It was wet and slippery, and I was wearing worn-out flip flops with no traction. I'm fine (thanks for asking, theoretical audience), but I did sort of wack out my elbow because I fell directly on it. So. I think that's a decent excuse.

I'm going to go to KEY club tonight, which is an English language speaking club here at KNU. The students speak great English, and they are really nice about helping us with Korean. It's a pretty good system, really.

OK. 20 minute power nap before dinner (since lunch was tasty yogurt and bibimbap with egg, I'm building up hopes for dinner - hopes that will, no doubt, be mercilessly crushed at 6pm) followed by KEY club, followed by office hours, followed by givin' the OCs my CAC (yeah, you heard me), followed by studying for tomorrow's quiz.

Most days aren't like that, and I usually have time to go out and see people, but this week I am DEFINITELY workin' for the weekend. Songnisan, here we come....

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Kareoke, but Korean. Genius.

Here's a little taste of cross-cultural exchange for you - my boy Norman on the mike here.

Can Koreans get Disoriented?

So I settled on a title. The runner-up, "disOrientation," turned out to be funnier in my head than on the screen. Bummer, since it was hilarious in here - mildly offensive is one of my favorite genres.
Anyway, "Halfbright" it is.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jolly Pong +1

Choco Pie -1
“The world is literally her oyster.”
- Palin’s spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton, regarding Palin's stepping down from her position as Governor of Alaska


Times article here

American Brands do Korea

So what with the brutal jet lag and all, I've been seeking out coffee in the morning (though I don't know if I'll have time this's a bit of a hike to the Dunkin' Donuts, and I don't think anything non-American is open this early. Coffee here seems to be more of an afternoon/evening thing). Yesterday, when we went on a trip to E-Mart to go pick up whatever stuff we'd forgotten or couldn't pack (in my case, yogurt, hangers, and scotch tape to put pictures up), I found a Starbucks! I got an iced coffee, but they have something called a "dark berry mocha" frap that I'm looking forward to trying sometime soon. Anyway, as we were walking out I saw this amazing sign, an ad for something that I don't think would fly in the States...

Ah yes -- cultural ambassadorship! I have a feeling this will be a recurring / oft tagged & updated entry.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The sun is bright and hot, and all the clocks around here say it's 6:06pm on Sunday, when it is CLEARLY not. I love traveling - but I've never taken a plane trip that long, and I've never had jet lag this overwhelming.

I was going to call the 'rents to let them know I'm still alive,

Friday, July 3, 2009


So. There I was, mid-May with my Smith finals still ahead, flight info newly in hand, all "it just got real!"

I didn't know shit about real.

So I started trying to pack yesterday. The way it works is that we get two bags + carry-on. Bag #1 comes with us for the 6 weeks of orientation, and Bag #2 gets locked down in some uber-bunker where we can't access our stuff until we leave for our homestay. I think I pretty much space bagged my way into squeezing everything into the duffel for orientation (quick tip - it helps if you jettison even the most basic of hygiene products. I may not have soap or shampoo, but I'll be DAMNED if I don't have a rockin pair of cowboy boots.)

After cursing out my inability to create a space-time vortex in my suitcase, I got conspicuously angsty. My mom tried to help, but I was all, "hey, I'm an grown-up now. And lady, if I want to bring a suitcase filled with Easy Mac and marshmallows, you can't stop me."

I showed her.

I thought I got everything into the second suitcase, until I remembered I have a blazer at the dry cleaner that somehow needs to fit in. My suitcase's bulges roughly resemble post-gum Violet Beauregarde + an extra piece of blueberry pie. It ain't pretty. And God bless Tumi for making a product that I can beat the heck out of.

The thing about packing for a foreign country with which one is entirely unfamiliar is that minimalist chic doesn't really cut it.

Also, between the cat and Beowulf, I seem to find myself looking at something like this every time I turn my back. Cute the first time, but dog hair all over your junk has its downside.

Ah, well. I've only got today left to finish packing and then clear out all the crap I'm NOT taking with me, box it up, label it, and get it set to move out with my parents, whenever and wherever they go. My dad magnanimously offered to pack stuff for me, but it would be pretty lame of me to take him up on it, so I'm gonna try to get it all taken care of beforehand.

I've got my work cut out for me. Or, at least, strewn about for me.