Friday, May 15, 2009

The Smiffenpoofs are Awesome

I have some incredibly talented, fabulous friends.
The Smiffenpoofs senior banquet was amazing in so, so many ways. I really couldn't imagine a better send-off. It also reminded me that all of the women I have been singing with are unbelievably talented in their own rights, and not just as part of our group. Some new discoveries and reminders of favorites, in no particular order -- all of them are women I've had the pleasure and privilege of singing with in the Smiffenpoofs over the past 4 years. A list to be added to, for sure.

Katie Rose Breslin (Smith College 2007) has something awesomely Indigo Girls about her. Her voice has a really interesting balance of sweetness and edge, and she can pull off anything from Bonnie Raitt to Steppenwolf. I kid you not.

Hannah Hickok (class of 2011) is an unbelievably talented guitarist and vocalist. Came outta nowhere. Her voice is pure and beautiful, but at the same time extraordinarily agile. I think her voice would be just as at home singing musical theater, Joni, or Ani, and it would make all of it look easy. Witness that fact with audio here and video here.

Maggie Kraus auditioned for us with, of all things, a Chris Brown song. She totally rocked it. She's a Poof, so clearly the girl can sing, but her songwriting is the real sell here. Check it out on her myspace page. They're all seriously rad, and I've been listening to "The Land and the Sea" nonstop for longer than I want to admit.

The Smiffenpoofs' Myspace Page

The Brown Derbies' Myspace Page. They're our brother group / significant other group (a capella is complicated), and they're awesome people and musicians.

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