Friday, May 15, 2009

Senior Banquet

Senior Banquet. Was. The Best Thing. Ever.

-The underclasswomen making us gourmet burgers and cocktails - and organic crudite. They know us absurdly well.
-Hannah and babies singing to us. I cried like a baby. Twice.
-The senior gift - monogrammed journals that the girls decorated and inserted a copy of Hannah's song into. Nothing could possibly be more thoughtful. A perfectly sentimental (but unobtrusively so) thing to bring into the next chapter of our lives
-singing our audition songs. Even at 2am, sans warm-up and a G&T or two deep, these girls are unbelievable talents.
-Reminiscing with fellow '09s about where we started and how far we've come
-The first time I really thought about the effect on my life that the people who we auditioned for had on my life by choosing the people they did. I looked at the babies and felt so, so good about the future of the group, the friendships that we got to help cultivate just like the seniors of '06 brought us together.
-I remember senior banquet my first year, and remember thinking how cool it was that Lauryn was headed off to Korea. I think it's beyond cool that breaking my own path involves following some of hers. I can't wait to help the girls like Lauryn helped me with the Fulbright application process this year.
-I have never been more proud and happy with how I've spent my time at Smith College.

My house senior banquet pretty much sucked this year, so I tried to keep my expectations curbed a bit. Secretly though, I was hoping Poofs banquet would make up for it. Senior Banquet is such a cool Smith tradition, and I loved participating in them as a first-year and sophomore, I was building up my hopes without realizing it for the past 4 years. There's something to be said about this kind of ritual, that sort of grounds you in the moment and helps you to catch up with yourself.

One tradition that's been a part of house senior banquets for 50+ years is to give a prophecy about each senior. I saved mine, because it is awesome in so many ways. One of the ways is its accuracy. This will happen.

"After graduating from Smith College, Dara Kaye sets off for Korea on her Fulbright scholarship. The moment she steps off the plane, however, her life changes dramatically. Dara is mistaken for a pop sensation, and rather than teaching English to Korean kids, she begins her career as a Korean pop star. Changing her name to "Seoul Sista," her albums climb the charts with such hits as "Ween or Lose" and "Ween I Look At You." Her pop career comes to an abrupt end when she is offered the chance to star opposite Christian Bale in the new Joss Whedon/ Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical called 'She Had A Cigar, But She'll Steal A-Nudda.' She finishes her run in the show and, after legally changing her name to Dara Dara, she marries Nickitas Nickitas and they have three children: Jessica Jessica, Thomas Thomas, and Dweezil. Inspired by Mitch Albom, Dara writes her autobiography called "Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays with Louisa," which reaches the bestseller list within a week and prompts her to begin a career as a novelist. Her most well-received novels include "Carryin' The Banner Through It All" and "Mordechai the Golem Slayer."

Utter. Genius. Also, gospel truth.

Oh, also. Last, but not least. Ahem -
Not many things warrant the triple exclamation marks. Jen, this is for you -

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