Friday, May 15, 2009

The Last Night

In a month full of lasts, it occurs to me that tonight is the last night I will be going to sleep in this dorm room. Tomorrow, I will start to pack up all of the stuff that is non-essential, taking down all of the posters, curtains, wall hangings, and photos that have made this room home for the last 9 months. I love this room, and I have so many wonderful memories from this year that are attached to it -- it's yet another splash of super-concentrated bittersweetness.
Tomorrow night L and I have our boyfriends, families, and friends coming up, which will be wonderful. I'm really happy to have so many people I love coming for my graduation. I'm also excited for cross-pollination between my circle and L's, for N and Dan to finally get to meet. In fact, I'm looking forward to spending some more time with Dan myself, since I've only gotten to hang out with him once in London and once in NoHo. I'm also really excited to meet A's boyfriend. I've heard so much about him over the past year that I can't wait to put a person to the name.

I'm happy about being with everyone this weekend, but it's still all pretty surreal. I just can't believe its over. I'm looking forward to Korea, but when I think that far ahead, somehow it feels like I'm just taking another year abroad. I have no idea what the month between Smith graduation and Korea is going to look like, but I'm going to try to pack it as full of friends and fun as I can. High school was great, but college was so much better. I can only hope that this trend continues :)

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Anonymous said...

June 8 at First Church to honor Dr. D who is retiring. I hope you can come(your 8th gr. sci. teacher)Congrats on graduation!!!
EMS class of 2001 rules!