Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Double Dactyl

I spent a couple of hours churning out just over a dozen of these bad boys to submit for the English Department prize competition. I can't imagine that they'll give me anything for writing a bunch of absurd poems, when Smith actually teaches poetry writing classes (and no doubt the kids in those classes have spent more than 2 hours on theirs).
Anyway, there's at least one that I'm not submitting, 'cause it's a wee bit too naughty and pop-culture-y for the English prize.
Here it is:

“‘Two Girls, One Cup’ isn’t
There on the syllabus
That I have seen.”

Sorry, oh first-year, but
Doesn’t mean quite what you
Think, dear, it seems.

For info on double dactyls (the form of poetry this is) - Double Dactyls on Wikipedia

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